Frequently Asked Questions [this page is still under construction]

Where are we located?

Íslenski Reiðhesturinn – The Icelandic Horse is situated in Reykjavík, Iceland, approximately a 10-15 minute direct drive from the downtown area (travel duration may vary based on the starting point).

How to get to our location?

Accessing our facility is convenient via car, taxi, or bus. Our address is Vatnsveituvegur 3 – but it doesn’t come up on most maps, so it’s better to use the Google Maps link (‘The Icelandic Horse’).

By car: For those driving, you can use the Google Maps link (‘The Icelandic Horse’) to pinpoint our location, easily identifiable by the cluster of horse trailers where the red building we are in is also located.

By taxi: If opting for a taxi, it’s advisable for the driver to contact us en route (usually straightforward, although some guidance may be necessary in certain cases). Of course the Google Maps link (‘The Icelandic Horse’) can also come in handy.

By bus: bus route #2 stops within a 5-10 minute walk from our premises at the Ögurhvarf bus stop.

Kindly aim to arrive at least 15 minutes before the scheduled tour commencement.

About our riding tours:

All our tours start with a brief introduction, Begga’s riding intro, to riding Icelandic horses. This introduction is designed to enhance the experience for all riders, catering to both novices and seasoned riders alike. Our focus is on mastering the tölt, a unique gait of Icelandic horses. Subsequently, participants acquaint themselves with the horses before embarking on a trail ride through the captivating lava landscape. We take photos during the tour, ensuring riders can fully immerse themselves in the experience; we provide these photos to participants after the tour concludes.

Why choose us?

At Íslenski Reiðhesturinn – The Icelandic Horse, you’ll have the opportunity to meet locals. Either Begga or Sveinn, the proprietors, or both, personally conduct the tours and greet our guests. Possessing decades of experience, they have a deep familiarity with each horse in the stables, the surrounding environment, and Iceland as a whole. During the tour, they gladly field various questions, not limited to equine-related queries, providing an enriching experience. In contrast, many other riding establishments often employ short-term, often foreign, staff with far less extensive experience and knowledge, offering a different encounter altogether.

How to book?

It’s easiest to make the bookings via our website. There is no guarantee that you will end up with us if you book via your hotel or 3rd party (though it’s not impossible either).

Why isn’t there a pick-up service?

As a small enterprise primarily operated by the owners, our focus is on optimizing our time and resources. Given the relatively accessible nature of our location, we believe a pick-up service isn’t imperative, as elaborated above.

Daylight time in the winter:

Some guests express concern about the daylight time, especially for the morning tours (starting at 9:30) during darker winter months. Rest assured, our tours commence with an introductory phase before venturing onto the trails, ensuring that the tour begins in daylight. Additionally, daylight starts over an hour prior to the official sunrise time, mitigating any concerns about touring in dim light.

Dress code:

Prepare for outdoor activities and dress accordingly based on the prevailing weather conditions. During winter, adequate warmth is crucial. While we do provide some gloves, it’s advisable to dress appropriately for the cold. Regarding bringing used riding clothes and equipment, please read the following carefully, Protect the Icelandic Horse.

Age limit:

Kindly be aware that our Volcanic Landscape tours require participants to be at least 12 years old. This is because our tours involve more than just walking; they include riding activities that are better suited for older kids. Children 16 years or younger need to be accompanied by an adult on the tour. We occasionally make exceptions for skilled younger riders, feel free to reach out to us beforehand if you have any questions about this.