Personalized tours and small groups.

Experience the unique beauty of Iceland’s volcanic landscape on horseback privately with our personalized riding tours. Our tours are perfect for those who want to try Icelandic horses and enjoy the tölt, a smooth and distinctive gait of these majestic animals. Led by locals Begga and Sveinn, who are knowledgeable about Icelandic horses, culture, and the country itself, our tours offer a truly immersive experience. Please book below.

Each tour begins with a short introduction on horseback riding before setting off to explore the breathtaking scenery. Tours are approximately 2 hours long, from 1:30pm to 3:30pm (13:30 – 15:30), and are available on Wednesdays – other days can be available on request (please send us an email or call). Book your tour below.

To ensure a smooth experience, please arrive at our location on your own using a rental car, taxi, or public transportation (bus number 2 stops about 500 meters away). Keep in mind that tours may be slightly delayed, so it is best to not schedule any tight commitments afterwards.

As this is a private tour there is no age limit but it’s important to know that we do regular tours as kids might need to be ready for that (in case of younger and/or unexperienced children we can adjust the pace of the private group for that) – please contact us if you’re in doubt.

Price: 27 900 ISK for each person (2 – 4 persons).