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All our tours start with a short lesson on how to ride the Icelandic horses and then we do assist riders on the tours as possible. The riding tour is in a beautiful scenery. The tours are about 2 hours, from 9:30 – 11:30 or in the afternoon (summer weekdays, June 13 – August 20 – available soon) from 17 – 19.

Our tours are build up on our previous experience from Íslenski Hesturinn – The Icelandic Horse. The tours are highly personalized and Begga and/or Sveinn do all the tours themselves. Knowledge about the horses, how the horses are ridden, about Iceland and Icelandic culture is a part of our base of knowledge. We do offer one tour on most days. The tours are Monday – Saturday at 9:30 (am) (in the summer the weekdays are in the afternoon at 17, i.e. 5 pm). Please choose your tour below.

As this is not a tour company, but a riding school, there is no pick up or drop off services. So all our guests need to arrive by themselves. It’s best to drive by car or take a taxi to our location. If you take a taxi please ask the driver to call us on the way so it goes smoothly. All payments are done after booking is confirmed either via payment link or on location. You choose the tour below to make your booking. Please don’t make any arrangements to close to the end of the tour as it can be slightly delayed (it’s more fun not to have to hurry the tour).

New dates and times are updated every now and then, but you can contact us regarding other date or times.

It’s also welcome to contact us about private tours on other times and we will see what we can offer for you, please contact us.